Users -- Can't Live With 'em ...

This user is having trouble installing the latest update for an in-house application, so she calls support pilot fish. "I remember that I had problems last time," she tells fish. "So this time, to make sure I didn't mess anything up, I deleted all the files." Sighs fish, "It was pretty much all downhill from there."

Um, No

Network admins decide all users should move their files to network folders. But after 15 minutes of copying, one user complains to support pilot fish about how long it takes. Fish explains that she has lots of documents and a slow network connection, and all the other users are uploading files too. But user points to the Windows animation of documents floating from one folder to another and says, "Well, wouldn't it go faster if they just moved these two folders closer together on the screen?"

On the Make

New-hire salesman assures IT pilot fish that he's used a laptop for years and is ready to start advanced training, so fish gives him his laptop and turns him over to the trainer. But as fish is on his way out the door, he overhears the new sales guy ask, "Now is this something that I'm going to have to charge?"

On the Go

Home-office user gets a new dial-up connection and calls tech pilot fish to set it up. Are you in front of your computer? fish asks. "No," user says, "I'm next door at my neighbor's so I can test my connection while on the phone with tech support. But I can run back and forth."

On the Ball

This user's trackball isn't working, so help desk pilot fish suggests borrowing a trackball from another workstation and trying it on his machine. When user returns to the phone a few minutes later, fish asks if it works. "Someone was using the computer, so I couldn't take the base," user tells fish. "But I did swap out the ball, just to make sure it wasn't the problem."


Users complain bitterly about performance problems on this minicomputer, and nothing the database guys do seems to help. So tuning-guru pilot fish is called in. "Turns out the system manager wasn't happy with the performance of the machine after it was delivered," fish reports. So the manager had given himself the highest priority possible. "He didn't realize he essentially had exclusive access to the machine and all the users were waiting for him," fish says. "But he was very satisfied."

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