Shark Tank: It's not what you know, it's who you know

This tech-savvy pilot fish's job is in the marketing department -- but she knows PCs well enough that when the help desk staffers get swamped, they direct users to her.

"Not that I knew computers better than IT," fish says, "but I knew the sales reps better. I had developed a sixth sense about what questions to ask."

But when a sales rep calls the help desk from home and complains that she can't print, the support people aren't too busy to help.

"They check all her configuration settings and printer driver installation," says fish. "They ask, 'Does it have paper?' They can't find the problem, and the sales woman is furious."

Suddenly the help desk is much busier. "So the call gets kicked up to me," says fish.

"I can't print," the sales rep says.

Do you have a printer? fish asks.

"Of course!" says the rep angrily. "I'm not stupid! I'm using the one at the office that I always use!"

Fish sighs, "When sales reps are here at the office, they hook into the local network and print to a network printer.

"This woman was working at home on her laptop, hitting print on her document, then calling a customer service rep who sat near the printer at the office to find out if her document had printed."

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