Just Exactly What It Says

These tapes contain pricing and inventory data, and they're labeled "Confidential -- Do not remove from computer room!" So when an IT pilot fish gets a job ticket to duplicate several confidential tapes and send them off, all to the same programmer, he checks with the security manager -- who just shrugs. "The labels apply to the originals only," the security manager says. "I don't care what you do with the copies."

I Got Rhythm

Why is this user's PC flickering and rebooting? It checks out fine for support pilot fish, so he tells user, "Do what you normally do." She sits down and goes to work -- and the system soon reboots. "The fourth time, I noticed she was tapping her foot to the music on the radio," fish says. "Her foot was hitting the power strip on/off switch just enough to cause the system to reboot."

It's Called the Help Desk, Right?

Some of the people I sent this document to never received it, user tells help desk pilot fish. Were all the copies sent as one e-mail with multiple recipients? fish asks. "I don't understand," user says. Fish tries again: Did you send the document as a single e-mail to all the people, or did you send a separate e-mail to each person? "What do you mean?" says exasperated user. "I gave the copies to Steve, the courier."

No Problem

Database pilot fish is tasked with verifying a database created by this bank's international loan department for government-guaranteed loans. There's lots of data for each loan -- but there's nowhere to record data about repayments of the loan's principal, fish points out. "That's not a problem," department staffer tells him. "We've never had anyone repay any principal on any of these loans."


When a user complains about an unreadable floppy disk and "warped colors" on a monitor, IT pilot fish finds the disk stuck to the monitor's side with a magnet. That monitor's case is plastic, fish says. How did you get it to stick? "She pulled off the magnet to reveal another magnet," groans fish, "attached to the monitor with foam tape."

That Culd Dew Itt

Help desk pilot fish immediately spots the likely problem when she gets this trouble ticket: "User when she sends emails to other peopel they never get them she can send about 6 emaisl to the same person and they will get 3 of them. she said that her Nme is misspelled and maybe that is the problem."

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