Shark Tank: Are we missing something here?

User complains to help desk pilot fish that he updated a file, but when he reopened it the next day, his changes were gone. "Are you sure," he asks, "that the backup tape isn't back-filling overnight and replacing the file from the previous day?"

IT manager pilot fish is brought in late in the game on a document-scanning project to digitize a million pages for a state permit department. Fish notices the vendor's license specifies that it can scan only 25,000 pages per month and does the math - it'll take 40 months. Why are you planning to spend almost four years to do this? he asks permit technician. Baffled technician replies, "Why do you think it'll take four years?"

When users at a remote site can't connect to the company's servers, pilot fish scrambles to rewire connections to the line-of-sight antenna that links the remote site. Fish has just started working inside the wiring cabinet when a maintenance guy asks, "Should the UPS over here be beeping?" Sure enough, that's the UPS the antenna is plugged into. "I had to shut the breaker off yesterday," the maintenance guy says. "That didn't cause any problems, did it?"

Blowing the dust out of his mouse didn't solve the problem, user tells help desk pilot fish. But he did take a good look around while dusting its innards. "Could the problem be that the felt is wearing off the wheels inside the mouse?" he asks. "That's not felt," fish sighs. "That's just dirt that's built up."

After a power outage, user calls network engineer pilot fish to complain he can't access a small file server that fish knows isn't on a UPS. "Is the server powered on?" fish asks. User checks. "It's not on," he says. "Should we power it up?"

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