Shark Tank: When you hear the whole story, it makes sense

THIS IT group is supposed to be making remote backups for departmental servers, but for several days one server's backup keeps timing out, and pilot fish can't log in to check it. Is there anything wrong with the server? fish asks local tech. "No, it's fine." Well, did you change anything? fish asks. "Only the host name and the IP address," tech says. "And we installed a different operating system."

USER KEEPS complaining that this newly installed PC doesn't work. IT pilot fish is puzzled; it tests out OK every time, but user keeps bringing it back. Finally, fish asks user to describe the working environment - any excess vibration? he asks. No, but it turns out the PC is in a meat freezer at minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. "I suggested he get one of those space blankets, wrap the CPU in it and never turn it off," says fish. "We never got another call, so I'm assuming my suggestion worked."

IT ACCOUNTING application manager tells programmer pilot fish, "We need to take your name as author off your application procedure manuals before we distribute them." That's company policy, so fish doesn't mind - until he hears that manager has been telling department heads he personally wrote the manuals. "Not surprisingly," grumbles fish, "he also does this with all the applications we write."

USER'S mouse is getting jerky, and rebooting and checking connections doesn't fix it. But when IT pilot fish flips the mouse over, he finds tape covering the mouse ball. It won't work that way, fish tells user. Is a co-worker messing with you? "No, I put the tape there," user says. "I didn't want the mouse to get dirty so it wouldn't work, so I put the tape over the hole to protect it."

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