Shark Tank: One bit short of a byte

This jail's police officers use a digital camera for mug shots, then pop the camera's floppy disk into a PC to paste the image into the booking record. When one of the secretaries wants to "develop" a photo, support pilot fish walks her through the process of printing it on a black-and-white laser printer. But she's not quite satisfied. "After all the money we spent on cameras," she says, "it's too bad we can't make the pictures print in color."

Appraisal company has problem with unauthorized after-hours use of PCs, so company turns on hardware passwords on all machines. But a follow-up audit turns up an interesting point, sysadmin pilot fish says: "The user who complained loudest about someone using his PC at night leaves his PC on every night and a Post-it note with his password on his keyboard!"

Database admin is a self-proclaimed "natural at problem-solving" who never reads the manuals. But when he replaces a printer's toner cartridge, it still won't print, even after hours of tinkering. Next day, support pilot fish quickly solves the mystery: "He forgot to remove the plastic strip that holds the toner in the cartridge - like it tells you in the manual."

CEO of this Internet bank says he's a big believer in the paperless office. He discourages printing by putting the single networked printer on the other side of the building and says he wants to remove all copiers, printers and fax machines soon. But apparently not yet, says an observant pilot fish: "On the credenza behind his uncluttered desk is a stapler."

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