That would explain it

IT pilot fish at a small hospital gets a tech-support call from the lab department. "Apparently they had been having trouble faxing reports for a few days," says fish. "They finally decided to call me to see if I could fix the problem."

Fish heads down to the department, asks the usual troubleshooting questions and scrolls through the log entries on the PC that reports are faxed from.

There's just one error message, about a file not found. Fish reinstalls the fax service and tries faxing again. No luck.

Then he remembers that he's working with a fax modem, and that there might be a clue in the sound coming over the wire. Not surprisingly, the lab personnel have turned the volume off so they don't have to listen to the modem's screech all day.

Fish turns it back on and tries faxing one more time.

"After I stopped laughing, I asked the lab manager to come in and listen," fish says. "Sure enough: 'We're sorry, your phone number has been disconnected.' "

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