What could be wrong with that?

This pilot fish keeps his money in a small bank that gets a little bigger by merging with a slightly smaller bank.

"I got a notification that, to activate my new online banking, I would have to visit the bank in person," says fish.

When it's finally his turn at the counter, he explains to the teller the reason for his visit. Teller says fish will need a new password, and quickly jots something down on a scrap of paper, which she hands to him.

What's this? fish asks.

"Your new password," teller says.

Stunned fish asks if she really knows everyone's password.

"Oh, they're all the same," she says.

You're kidding, right? gulps fish.

"It's OK," she tells him, "you can change it to whatever you like."

Fish rushes home, changes his password and then heads back out again -- to open an account with a different bank.

Next day, fish goes back to his old bank to close out his account, and he asks for the manager to explain why he's jumping ship.

"I told her about my concerns with the password issue," fish says. "She just didn't get it, and thought there was no problem. I tried pointing out that I could open the local phone book and guess at usernames, and in fairly short order own a bunch of bank accounts.

"She still didn't get it. As I was leaving, she was still trying to convince me that their password policies were safe."

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