Forrester's Vista slam: Just plain wrong

Forrester Research's report last week that enterprises are shunning Vista is just plain wrong. Forrester's own research, as well as that of competing firm Gartner contradict Forrester's latest report. In fact, enterprises are adopting Vista at the same or greater rate than they did XP.

Computerworld reports that Forrester researcher Thomas Mendel likens Vista to "New Coke," and that enterprises are staying away in droves. The report notes that at the end of June, 2008, only 8.8% of enterprise users were using Vista, compared to 87.1% for XP.

Sounds bad, doesn't it? In fact, though, that's in keeping with initial adoption rates for XP. Enterprises almost always take a wait-and-see approach to a new operating system.

Acccording to research firm Gartner, the adoption rate for Vista will be 21.3% by the end of the year, compared to an XP adoption rate of 16.9% for XP at the end of 2003, at roughly the same time in that operating system's release cycle.

Also noteworthy is that a recent Forrester report, "Building The Business Case For Windows Vista," made it abundantly clear that enterprises should make the move to Vista. A footnote in the report notes that enterprises are about to accelerate their move to Vista:

By the end of this year, 7% of enterprises will start their deployments. By the end of 2008, 32% will begin, and an additional 17% will start to deploy the OS in 2009 or beyond.

As you might imagine, Microsoft is not pleased with Forrester's newest report. Microsoft's Windows Vista blog calls Forrester "schizophrenic" when it comes to Vista. Agree with the blog or not, it makes for useful reading.

Bashing Vista is the fashionable thing to do these days. Certainly, there are problems with Vista. But it's still superior to XP, and you'll be seeing enterprises adopt it in increasing numbers, Forrester's report to the contrary.


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