Mozilla releases release candidate 1 of Firefox 3

It's IT Blogwatch: in which we review the reviews of a release candidate of a browser. Not to mention no answer to the eternal question...

SJVN would rather fight than switch:

I was about to switch to Safari on Windows and MacOS and Konqueror on Linux, when Mozilla got serious about not just fixing, but rebuilding Firefox. Now, Firefox 3 release candidate 1 was released early. Based on my quick look at it, I may end up sticking with Firefox after all. ... Besides the better stability, Firefox 3 is also faster, a lot faster, at rendering Web pages. ...The malware and cross-script-aka Web forgery protection-protection mechanisms do work. ...All-in-all, Firefox 3 is more than good enough to keep me as a user. Better still, from Mozilla's viewpoint, its good enough that it should pull in another wave of new users. more

Brad Linder is comfortable:

Firefox 3 RC1 looks and feels a lot like Firefox 3 beta 5, but there are a few changes:
  • Changes to the JavaScript engine and optimizations for web applications like Gmail and Zoho Office
  • Improvements to the user interface
  • Changes and fixes for bookmark backup and restore, full page zoom, and location bar autocomplete
  • Security improvements ... more

Sam Dean likes the speed and security

...while I'm still frustrated that I can't use my extensions with RC1, the rendering speed is so much faster than previous versions that I'm ready to use it as my main browser most of the time. ...

Forged web sites are on the rise, and Firefox RC1 has intelligence built in for calling forgeries out. If you arrive at a page that Firefox suspects is a forgery, content on the page won't be displayed (so you can't, say, click on a link that will deliver you a virus), and you'll see a warning ... more

Sujoy and friends need PLACES:

The Auto Complete Address Bar is way too cool. And guess what, it ain’t limited to just popular web-addresses, but also to Favorites, History and Tags. And now to the most important addition feature- PLACES.

Places is a Bookmark and History Manager. For people like us, who have cluttered Bookmark Bars and Bookmarks scattered everywhere, this is our Kryptonite. more

Nicholas Deleon is the very epitome of tolerance:

... the biggest new feature over FF2 (aside from the new default UI theme) is the address bar. It’s no longer simply an “address bar,” but has be re-christened the location bar. It searches URLs (including page titles) and bookmarks and “remembers” your most visited sites. ... It absolutely will take getting used to, and I’ve read here and there that people hate it to no end, but I’ve grown to tolerate it. more

Michael Santo is the epitome of patience:

Naturally - and this is what keeps me from updating - some Firefox extensions won’t work with the update. However, the last major release of Firefox was in October 2006 so I, and many, are anxiously awaiting the final release. more

Techbuzz helps us understand the help situation:

Help documentation has been removed from the installation, instead, it will now be available online. That way, it will be easier for them to change their documentation without actually releasing a new version of Firefox. more

Percy Cabello knows what RC means:

unless there is some major bug reported for this release, the “release candidate” part will just be dropped from the name and become Firefox 3 final. ... Note that this isn’t the final Firefox 3 and there may still be some ugly hidden bugs that could mess with your data. Unlikely, but that’s why it is called a release candidate. more

Adam Pash knows how to get it:

Mozilla pushed out the first release candidate of Firefox 3 early this evening, so if you're already field testing Firefox 3, now's the time to go to Help -> Check for Updates to download the latest and greatest build. more

And finally... Is comedy a man falling down?  Buffer overflow:

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