Well, yes

It's near the end of a month-long user acceptance test for a very big customer of this financial software vendor. And, says a pilot fish who works for the vendor, things are going well.

"That is, until we got a call one afternoon saying that the system was failing and no one could access the application," fish says.

First question to customer: "What did you change?"

Customer's immediate response: We didn't touch anything.

After nearly a day of digging and chasing down the appropriate personnel who work for the customer, fish finally gets a clearer answer: They touched something.

"Their database admin had removed all the database permissions for the log-in being used for the application," groans fish. "He thought the log-in had too many permissions and he didn't like it.

"When asked what permissions he did grant the log-in, his reply was, 'None. Will that cause a problem?'"

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