Windows XP reprieved "until 2010"

It's IT Blogwatch: in which Steve Ballmer offers an olive branch to Windows Vista haters who want to keep XP -- or does he? Let's see what the collected wisdom of the blogosphere reckons. Not to mention, you need to dress a cat and you will say to a cat together with a family, "It has changed just for a moment"...

Gregg Keizer presents a sober account:

Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer said there is a chance the company could reconsider its decision to begin retiring Windows XP on June 30 ... Previously, Microsoft set June 30 as the end of XP for computer manufacturers, and the date when it would pull the OS from its retail list. Small shops and individuals pegged as "system builders," however, will be able to preinstall XP on assembled machines for another seven months ... the second time in as many weeks that Ballmer hinted at a possible reprieve for XP ... however, a U.S.-based spokeswoman for the company said that Microsoft's plans remain "unchanged." more

Preston Gralla is his usual self, natch:

Does this mean that Microsoft is throwing in the towel on Vista? ... Given the number of enterprises that have so far refused to switch to Vista, and show no signs of moving to it, don't be surprised if they start demanding that XP not go into end of life. And if what Ballmer says is true, Microsoft will listen to them ... With the life of XP extending, and the Windows 7 release looming, that may leave Vista out in the cold, with enterprises waiting to upgrade until Windows 7. Ballmer at times is a loose cannon, so it's hard to know whether he'll really back up what he said in Belgium ... I guess it's just one more example of Ballmer suffering from foot-in-mouth disease ... Microsoft, though, today backed away from Ballmer's statement ... "Our plan for Windows XP availability is unchanged" ... In other words, ignore Ballmer. He's the crazy aunt we hide in the attic. more

Emil Protalinski adds:

As [June 30] approaches, Vista-haters are yelling louder and louder about how terribly unhappy they are about XP's drop-dead date. Now, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has given them what they want to hear; or so they think ... Note that Ballmer did not say "XP support would be extended," or "we'll bend over backwards to keep the minority happy." Ballmer did not give any guarantees. All he did was unlock a door that remains closed ... Microsoft does have a couple of good reasons to keep XP available—for businesses ... there are still a lot of businesses that use software that only XP can run ... as companies find themselves needing to buy new hardware because of refresh cycles before they're ready to go Vista, there's an argument to be made that Microsoft should keep XP around. more

John Murrell begs, but not for forgiveness:

We have located the peripatetic Microsoft CEO today in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium ... It’s hard to tell what Ballmer might be waiting for in the way of feedback. Ever since the expiration of XP was announced, there’s been a constant and rising wail from businesses and consumers who don’t want to give up a tried-and-true OS and “upgrade” to Vista. And Microsoft has encouraged hopes by doling out small exceptions along the way, giving XP Home support a couple of extensions and deciding to allow XP to continue to be sold on certain budget laptops. But this teasing is getting old. If it’s over, it’s over — break it off cleanly and be done. more

Vasanth Sridharan considers the lesser of three evils:

This is an embarassing concession on Steve's part. But it's less embarassing than tales of people paying extra to downgrade their Vista machines. Or even worse – switching to Macs ... Do you hate Vista? You're not alone, but you might be in luck. more

Jeffrey McManus goes back to basics:

Last time I checked pretty much every company is in business to sell customers stuff they actually want ... Vista is becoming an evolutionary dead end ... the part of the Windows franchise known as Vista is already finished ... Microsoft will have to extend support for XP until Windows 7 is in its first service pack ... if Windows 7 goes into beta next year and it sucks even a little bit less than Vista, IT evaluations of Vista will be a waste of time. more

Christopher Neher offers his own take:

Delusional, mouth-powered-bulb-lighting, one-lucky-dorm-assignment, coattail-riding, monkey-boy-dancing, tongue-flapping, unqualified, bad-decision-making, crazy-ass ... Typical CEO-speak nonsense. And, to anyone who says that Bill Gates is smart, we need only offer up his choice of CEO in rebuttal. We'd only be wrong if Gates' secret goal is to see the company decimated within his lifetime. more

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