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It's IT Blogwatch: in which it's rumored that is asking Oracle to buy it. Not to mention the real story behind Pacman...

Tom Foremski reports

I'm hearing from a reliable source that has approached Oracle to gauge if there is any interest in a sale at $75 a share ... Larry Ellison will have to buy Salesforce at some point anyway. Netsuite cannot be scaled to the size of Salesforce in this decade, maybe in the next. The two businesses could be easily integrated. [more]

Paul Glazowski adds:, the on-demand CRM specialist, is doing pretty well for itself. It’s got a solid customer base just shy of 40k. It’s got a suite of powerful enterprise-level Web applications. It’s stock price, presently sitting around $50, is at a decent spot, too. And all bullet points stated above are reasons for Marc Benioff and his company to pitch themselves for sale to Oracle, the business management software giant ... I consider it a possibility ... An acquisition could benefit both entities. [more]

Fa-la-la-la-la, it's Duncan Riley:

'Tis the season for deal speculation ... If Oracle did take the deal, it would value Salesforce at just shy of $9 billion ... Salesforce’s stock has weathered the stock market downturn fairly well, closing at $50.86 Friday, down from a peak of $64 in December. However ,a deal at $75 a share is still down from speculation of a deal at $80-$85 a share ... in June 2007. [more]

But Vinnie Mirchandani shudders at the thought: in play? ... I hope not. I have complimented Marc Benioff before on breaking the industry mold. I hope he continues to and expands the company's functional footprint ... If it happens, it better be at a whopping premium - because other than with Google (which would bring a separate set of business model issues), it would be one painful integration for the salesforce team. Rarely do pioneers integrate well with larger, more set companies in their sector. [more]

Zack Miller waxes wistful:

Ah, rumors. The stuff that makes stocks go up and down. At least juicy rumors keep things interesting ... I feel like this tie-up has been telegraphed from the inception of as an organization ... Salesforce's effervescent (understatement) CEO, Mark Benioff, came out of Oracle and could play the role of Larry Ellison's successor. Benioff knows he has some great assets and is looking to best capture their value. [more]

Louis Columbus sets the wayback machine to "stun":

Speculation of being for sale has been sporadically mentioned by bloggers and the media, including a prediction by IDC in early 2007 that the company would be sold last year. [more]

Dennis Howlett:

[I] view Oracle as the only natural home for, largely based on the cultural fit but also because Oracle doesn’t have a big brand presence in the on-demand market. A sticking point might be Larry Ellison’s assertion that cloud computing isn’t for Oracle at this time ... Or it could all be an ugly rumor spread for the benefit of a press currently obsessed with the antics over at Microhoo. [more]

And finally...

Buffer overflow:

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