Old school tax refund

Most American taxpayers can expect an "economic stimulus incentive" check of $600 and an average tax refund of $2300. What's a geek to do? Why, buy toys, of course!

Computerworld recently solicited its editors for suggestions of how to blow this money, and I recommended the PS3 and the MacBook Air. But my third recommendation didn't make the cut. Here, I reach back to March 11th and offer you my original text off the cutting room floor:

Earlier this year, Dan Budiac bought off eBay a new-in-box, never-opened Apple IIc. This mint trophy from 1988 offers an experience that is quickly being lost in the advance of technology. With your tax rebate, you too can recapture your tax-free childhood.
eBay has an entire section devoted to vintage computing. A complete PDP-8 from 1965? $3500. A handheld Jack Gillen stock ticker, circa 1990? $2200. There are less esoteric -- and less expensive -- lots, too. A working Gateway PC running at 66 MHz with 8 MB of RAM is only $129. It even comes with King's Quest IV, a classic point-and-click adventure from Sierra Online.
Rather than taking a pair of scissors to years' worth of old floppies, pick up a classic computer capable of reading them. The memories you'll unearth will be priceless.

What are your plans for your refund?

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