Sun pays MySQL ONE BILLION DOLLARS (and squeezenote)

It's IT Blogwatch: in which Sun buys open source database vendor MySQL. Not to mention the Steve Jobs 90 minute keynote in 60 seconds...

Jeremy Kirk beams down: [What, no "Enterprise" pun? -Ed.]

Sun Microsystems Inc. will pay $1 billion for Swedish software company MySQL AB, whose open-source database is used for some of the most widely visited Web sites in the world ... The news comes as Oracle Corp. said it will acquire BEA Systems Inc. for $8.5 billion. MySQL's product line will help Sun give further support to the open-source Web application platform known as LAMP, the acronym for Linux, the Apache Web server, MySQL database and the PHP/Perl programming languages. [more]
Ryan Paul adds:
Sun has sent shockwaves through the open-source software community ... acquisition will pit Sun against proprietary database vendors like Oracle and also open-source middleware vendors like Red Hat ... MySQL users who are wary of Sun could potentially meander towards vendor-neutral alternatives like PostgreSQL ... [but] there are also many ways in which this acquisition could bolster the strength of MySQL on all platforms. [more]
MySQL's Zack Urlocker unlocks the news:
Having spent the last four plus years working on making MySQL into a strong independent company, this is a bit of a change of strategy ... It's no secret that MySQL was planning to go public in the very near future ... we will bypass our own IPO to be part of an already successful and much larger public company ... Sun will give MySQL more resources ... While some folks might see this move as a competitive move against Oracle, I don't think that's the case. [more]
Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz hacks acronyms:
We're putting a billion dollars behind the M in LAMP ... we've known for years that MySQL is by far the most popular platform on which modern developers are creating network services ... Sun will be unveiling new global support offerings into the MySQL marketplace. We'll be investing in both the community, and the marketplace - to accelerate the industry's phase change away from proprietary technology to the new world of open web platforms. [more]
Tim O'Reilly:
This seems to me to be a great deal both for Sun and for MySQL. Anyone who follows this blog or has heard my talks will have seen me say "Data is the Intel Inside" of the next generation of internet applications, the very heart of Web 2.0 ... Sun has staked its future on open source, releasing its formerly proprietary crown jewels, including Solaris, Java, and the Ultra-Sparc processor design. But even beyond those relatively recent moves, Sun was arguably the first great open source success story. [more]
Dennis Yang speculates:
When will the speculation begin for an Oracle-Sun merger? Both hate Microsoft deeply, and both have been trying to expand beyond their core markets. And, MySql even rejected Oracle's acquisition offer back in 2006. At some point, someone's going to think it makes sense for the two to combine. [more]
Matt Asay looks ahead:
Just as ex-JBossers have gone on to start/join other open-source companies, MySQL should flower into a few spin-off companies, as well. Hopefully (for Sun), this won't happen immediately. But over the medium turn it will be excellent to have MySQL's open-source savvy, battle-hardened team back in the market forming new open-source ventures ... This is good for the industry. We need this experience and the cash plowed back into commercial open source. [more]
hughk consults with banks:
I have worked at a lot of big banks. Open Source has been slowly finding its way in, but it is incredibly difficult to deploy an open source database like MySQL or Postgres. The banks says they want safety and security - and you answer that your database isn't enterprise critical so why pay for Oracle? Management then says, ah well, how about MS SQL Server. [more]
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