New Mac Pros and Xserves this week; so what's coming next week?

Well! This certainly adds fuel to the fire that Apple Inc. has some big announcements planned for next week's Macworld San Francisco show. Take your pick: the fabled "iTablet;" a subnotebook; iTunes movie rentals -- all are rumored to be on their way.

Maybe, maybe not. But what is on the way -- shipping now, in fact -- are the fastest Macs ever: new Mac Pros and Xserves, which were unveiled today a week ahead of the show. That's newsy enough in and of itself. But given the fact that Apple likes to save the big announcements for its show, and these are decent upgrades to its pro line, it does make you wonder what's coming next week that's so big it would overshadow these new machines.

Maybe Apple just didn't like all the attention going to CES this week and thought it'd steal a bit of thunder. Either way, I'm keeping the credit card in the wallet for another week or so. Then all bets are off.

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