Maybe he just wants to show he's hep to the jive

It's some years back, and this pilot fish repairs PCs and printers for a local college where tragedy strikes.

"The dean of the college passed away unexpectedly over a weekend, and a replacement had to be found," says fish. "They asked a dean who had retired years ago to take over for a few months.

"When the 'new' dean had been in office for one day, he called me in to talk about 'these new computers.'"

Dean tells fish that even though he's retired, he has kept up with technology and wants to use a PC to write letters with WordPerfect. Fish dutifully finds a PC and brings it to the dean's office -- and then discovers he didn't bring a power cord.

Well, it's Friday, fish thinks -- this can wait until Monday.

On Monday morning as fish arrives at work, he runs into the dean, who begins thanking fish for the PC. "He told me he had come in over the weekend and worked on it and just loved it," fish says. "The system worked great, and he was learning all about WordPerfect."

Pretty amazing, fish thinks, since the PC doesn't have a power cord and isn't connected to a printer. But he just tells the dean that he's pleased he likes the system.

And every time the dean sees fish over the next few months, he raves about his PC.

Finally, a few months later, a permanent dean is hired. "He called me into his office to look at his computer, which was not working," says fish. "I picked up a power cord and walked to his office.

"Sure enough, it was still sitting in the same spot I had placed it in months earlier -- still unplugged."

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