Amazon cloud rains forest of data (and best quotes)

SELECT * FROM IT_Blogwatch; in which Amazon adds the next element of its cloud computing story: SimpleDB. Not to mention the best technology quotes of 2007...

Eric Lai reports
: Inc. will soon begin a limited-release test of an upcoming Web-based database that will work closely with its S3 online storage service and EC2 online application hosting service. The database, called SimpleDB, is aimed at application developers looking for a less expensive, easier-to-use alternative to a full relational database, primarily for running real-time queries against structured data. [more]

Erick Schonfeld makes DBAs worry:

Companies can now go ahead and fire their expensive database administrators ... Amazon has just taken another major infrastructure cost off the table for [startups] ... Larger companies will wake up to the cost saving opportunities of such a service as well. [more]

Charles Ying has been biting his tongue for a while:

SimpleDB (formerly called SDS) is a brilliant piece of engineering ... built on top of Erlang ... The data model is simply Large collections of items organized into domains. Items are little hash tables containing attributes of key, value pairs ... Now you can easily build ... tools for World Domination. [more]

Bob Warfield enumerates the negatives:

It is similar to a relational database, but there are significant differences ... All fields are strings ... There are no joins ... Transactions and consistency are also absent ... There is no indexing ... Mind you, serious web software is created within these limitations including some at Amazon itself. [more]

Dave Winer muses:

Today, when a company raises VC, it's probably because their app has achieved a certain amount of success and to get to the next level of users they need to spend serious money on infrastructure ... You need to buy hardware and find the people who know how to make a database scale ... the people are scarce and the big companies are bidding up the price for their time. Now Amazon is willing to sell you that, to turn this scarce thing into a commodity. [more]

VC Fred Wilson discloses:

Amazon is slowly but surely building a platform for web applications and services that is superior to anything out there. Almost every new company we see these days is using Amazon's platform (S3 and EC2) for some part of their service ... Amazon is out-googling Google ... so I bought some shares today. [more]

Ex-Microsoftie Robert Scoble boggles:

It’s totally shocking to me that Google and Microsoft are just letting Amazon take developers over this way. I would NEVER have predicted that a “retailer’s” infrastructure would be used by so many startups. Totally amazing. This is going to develop as one of the biggest disruptions of our time. Where is Ray Ozzie? [more]

Nick Carr foresees falling walls:

The tipping point approaches ... in reading [Microsoft's] comments, it's hard not to think of the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike. [more]

And finally...

Buffer overflow:

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