Shark Tank: Priorities

Pilot fish for a retailer is working on getting a new store up on the network. And that requires a call to the local cable provider ...

Fish: This is about our store in Springfield. We need to have our cable relocated from the temporary location to the new store.

Cable guy: I don't get it.

Fish: Imagine a construction site. When we start, there's no building, just a trailer. That's where the cable was installed. Now the building is built. We want the cable inside the building.

Cable guy: OK, but before the work is done, you will need to pay your delinquent bill.

Fish: We never got a bill.

Cable guy: That doesn't matter, you still have to pay it.

Fish: OK. Maybe I didn't get a bill because you sent it to the wrong address. What address did you send it to?

Cable guy: If you tell me the account number, I can tell you that.

Fish: Where will I find the account number?

Cable guy: On the bill.

Fish: I don't have the bill.

Cable guy: Well, you could go to our local office in Springfield and show them two pieces of ID and they will handle it.

Fish: That's 100 miles away from my location. It would be easier just to cancel your service and provision DSL.

Cable guy: OK, I will process the termination.

Fish: So you will terminate service without knowing I am who I say I am, but you won't help me pay the bill?

Cable guy: Yes.


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