In green buildings, employees fight to hang onto personal printers and coffeepots

You're all gung-ho about building one of those LEED-certified green buildings. Which is great. But be forewarned that employees working inside those buildings may not be so happy about it, because they have to give up their un-green personal printers and coffeepots. It's a management and "education" challenge, to say the least.

According to the article "Buildings go green, employees see red," in Network World, employees in green buildings may have to give up:

  • personal printers (there will be a few shared printer/copiers)
  • personal coffeepots, hotplates, mini-refrigerators, space heaters and microwaves (they're energy-guzzlers, so there may be a limit of two coffepots per dozen people)
  • nearby selection of electrical outlets (there will be a few in-floor boxes with data and power outlets)
  • beautiful green lawns at the HQ entrance (they use up too much water, they require fertilizer and they have to be mowed)

The hardest management challenges: Prying personal printers out of the death grips of employees, who vow you'll get their printer over their dead body. And the coffeepots.

Be aware that you might only get 90% compliance. And you'll need to show a little flexibility -- you might want to OK the desktop Christmas tree, or else you'll definitely be labeled a Scrooge.



Green Buildings: Facilities management goes green

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