Shark Tank: OK then, possible

Pilot fish is tasked with installing a software security update. "But when I pulled the plastic keyboard tray out, I received a shock and the server I was about to work on rebooted," says fish.

"Needless to say, I slowly backed away from my assailant and went in search of site maintenance."

That's impossible, snaps the maintenance tech when fish tells him what happened. He reels off a list of reasons why what fish described couldn't have happened, and then sends fish on his way.

But the update still needs to be performed, so fish once again approaches the server rack. Once again he touches the keyboard tray. Result: another shock, and this time two servers reboot.

Fish beats a hasty retreat and reports the incident to the maintenance tech.

Tech storms out of the maintenance room and heads for the scene of the crime, all the while growling that what fish described is impossible.

"Upon his arrival at my attacker, he reached for a different keyboard tray," fish says. "And pow! -- he received his own electrical surprise. I actually heard it and saw the spark.

"At that instant, all eight servers on the rack rebooted.

"After his feet got back on terra firma, he looked at me and said, 'You know, we might have a problem.'"

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