Mac the vote: Why Apple users are predominantly Democrats

The Apple logo may be GOP red, but most of the Mac nation is DNC blue. That's the conclusion Charles Edge reached after consulting for hundreds for companies that use the Mac as their primary business computer.

"Most Mac guys are liberal," says Edge, director of IT at 318 Inc., one of the largest Mac consultancies in the U.S. The Mac has its roots in graphics, education and media companies. The advertising, marketing, video editing, sound, design and others who form the core of the Mac user market "are far more liberal minded than corporate finance, for example," Edge says.

Edge also does a lot of work with companies that have standardized on Windows, which he sees as much more of a red-state operating system. "You go out to a Microsoft client and they’re going to be really conservative," he says.

But the Macs aren’t just for the creatives anymore. "We are seeing penetration into other parts of the business," Edge says. Even some of those hard-line conservatives down in finance may be warming up to the Mac.

But will they vote for Hillary?


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