Shark Tank: There's always a reason

This pilot fish's job title doesn't say he's in IT -- in fact, he's the controller for a small retail chain. But he's still the default tech support person for the stores.

"A phone call came in from one of our outlying stores that a computer seems to have frozen," says fish. "I advised the user to reboot her machine."

I don't know how, user tells fish. She knows about Ctrl-Alt-Del, but the keyboard is frozen too, so that won't work.

Push the power button, fish suggests.

It still won't turn off, says user.

Press the power button again, and this time hold it in for maybe 10 seconds or so, says fish. Then the PC will shut down.

He waits. Half a minute later, user tells him the PC still won't shut down.

"So I got into my car and drove the 25 miles to get to that location and asked her to show me what she was doing to try to shut down," fish says.

"Trying very hard not to laugh, I told her that pushing the eject button on the floppy drive would not shut down the machine no matter how long she held it in.

"I know I could have just told her to unplug the computer, but where's the fun in that?"

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