Shark Tank: Gooooal!

It's not long ago at World Cup time, and for this soccer-fan maintenance guy, his building's Internet connection is everything he could ask for, reports an IT support pilot fish.

"He worked at one of our remote sites, and he found that if you disconnected the cable Internet connection from the modem and connected it straight into a TV, you'd be able to watch the games," fish says."

That's because the cable TV company hasn't done anything special for this connection -- like residential cable connections, it's a standard cable connection that also supports Internet access.

At the time, fish is new to his support job, and his departing predecessor is walking him around the site when they come across the maintenance guy.

And he's watching a World Cup game.

Fish says nothing for a moment. Neither does his predecessor.

That's when the maintenance guy's radio crackles with an urgent call from the office. The Internet connection is down, the radio says.

Maintenance guy: "Yes, I know. It will take about another hour or so."

Says fish, "Thankfully, when his team scored, we didn't shout too loud or we'd get caught.

"In any event, when my boss heard, he turned purple -- so hard was he laughing!"

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