Hacking method for version 1.1.1 iPhones made public

Just two days after reporting preliminary success in opening iPhones updated to firmware 1.1.1, the iPhone Dev Team has published a process for getting around Apple's updates to jail break an iPhone and install non-Apple applications. The process involves downgrading the iPhone to version 1.0.2, patching it, upgrading, and patching again. If you think that sounds convoluted, you're right. The hacking process is somewhat convoluted and is definitely not for the faint of heart. There have actually been two separately published methods for achieving this feat. One, described at the iPhone Alley website, is described as a leaked method previously used by the iPhone Dev Team. The other, which appears to be the officially endorsed method (as much as something released by an unofficial group of iPhone hackers can be be considered official) is described and linked to by this post at The Unofficial Apple Weblog. The process is not suggested for users who have unlocked their iPhones for use with networks other than AT&T. It seems that there is no potential solution for updating unlocked iPhones to version 1.1.1 without rendering them inoperable at this point. The hack should also not be attempted on an iPod touch (though it seems that the iPhone Dev Team is still working on a jail breaking method for the iPod touch as well as a more user-friendly solution for updated iPhones). It is also worth noting that this hack does not appear to take advantage of the vulnerabilities discovered in the iPhone 1.1.1 software this weekend. Rather it appears to focus on patching the iPhone such that is remains jail broken through the update process. As with all such hacking techniques, milage and success may vary and there is no guarantee that future updates won't re-jail or otherwise affect a hacked iPhone (future updates are actually quite likely to do so).

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