Shark Tank: Isn't that special?

This user works the graveyard shift, and he needs help with a password issue. Analyst pilot fish is on call, so at 11:15 p.m. he gets the user on the phone.

Fish: I need you to think of a password that is eight or more characters, numbers, letters and a special character, then tell me what you want it to be and I will create it for you.

User: "One, one, two, zero."

Fish: OK, that's four. It needs to be eight or more characters.

User: "A."

Fish: One, one, two, zero, A. That's five. It has to be at least eight characters.

User: "C."

Fish: OK, that's six.

User: "K."

Fish: One, one, two, zero, A, C, K. That's seven. Now we need a special character, anything that is not a number or a letter.

User: "What kind of special character?"

Fish: Um, anything that is not a number or a letter.

User: "Cat."

Fish: Cat? Cat is a word.

User: "Heart."

Fish: Heart?

User: "Uh-huh."

Fish: Where do you see this on the keyboard?

User: "Oh, you need something on the keyboard?"

Fish: Yes.

User: "OK, pound sound."

Fish: Pound sound?

User: "Uh-huh, on the number 3."

Fish: "Oh, the pound sign.

"I repeated the entire new password, confirmed the user ID and made the change," says fish. "The conversation ended shortly after this point.

"At 6:25 a.m. the next morning, Fred from the help desk called me to report a password issue.

"It's the same user."

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