Making iPhoto easier to use with photo sharing sites

Apple's iPhoto makes organizing all your photos easy. It gives you easy options for ordering prints as well as books, calendars, and cards made up of your photos. And while it does give you some nice options (online photo albums, integration with iWeb, and photocasting) for sharing photos online if you subscribe to Apple's $99 .Mac service, there isn't any built-in support for sharing your photos using other services. In an out-of-the-box configuration, you'll need to export your pictures from iPhoto and then upload them to a photo sharing manually. Thankfully, there are a growing number of iPhoto plug-ins that offer direct from iPhoto export to photo sharing sites. The following are your options if you want both the ease of iPhoto and the community and convenience of sites like Flickr and Yahoo Photos. FlickrExport - A commercial plug-in that offers direct upload to Flickr. Picassa Web Albums Exporter for iPhoto - Free plug-in developed by Google. Yahoo Gallery Plug-in for Power PC or Intel Macs - Developer by Yahoo Gallery user Michael Galloway. AOL Pictures - Standalone and iPhoto plug-in options from AOL. Ofoto Express - Supports browsing from iPhoto libraries for upload to Kodak EasyShare Gallery although it is a separate application.


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