The Mouse Jiggler, friend or foe?

When I opened a 10x6-inch box today to find a three-inch USB flash drive labeled "Mouse Jiggler" packed alongside a can of Sobe soda and sweet-tarts, I just scratched my head -- figuratively speaking. A press release in the box from Wiebetech Inc. stated, "I am loathe to attempt to tell you all the uses you may find for your Mouse Jiggler device as the possibilities are, in fact, infinite." Again, I scratched my head -- figuratively speaking -- a device to jiggle your mouse pointer? So, throwing caution to the wind, I stuck the sucker into my USB port and away my pointer went, just like an epileptic belly dancer. So, the whole point to the Mouse Jiggler is that it keeps your computer from going into screen saver or sleep mode. Now I'll admit I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but why not just set both your screen saver and sleep mode settings to "never" and save yourself the $29.95 Wiebetech is charging for this little honey? Then I read the press release a bit more closely and saw that this gadget is targeted at the IT and computer forensics communities. OK, so this keeps you from having to re-enter your password while you're running diagnostic programs. Still, I didn't see the big draw. Then it hit me, what a great gag gift. You plug it into some unsuspecting co-worker's computer and watch them pull their hair out as they try to get their mouse to work. The funniest thing about it is that while you can still move the pointer around, you can't get it to stay in place long enough to select an icon. Another plus for this device is that it won't install on your system. It acts as a Human Interface Device, so plugging it into co-workers' computers won't earn you a lot of backlash. The Jiggler comes in two varieties, the fast version (your mouse overdosed on bennies) and the slow version (very serious business), which uses nearly imperceptible motions of the pointer to allow you to continue working while it's plugged in.

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