Shark Tank: Complaint department

Sysadmin pilot fish gets to the office on Monday morning and finds a few voice mails from users complaining that they can't connect to the server. Sure enough, the system has been down since 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Fish reboots it, but an hour later, the president comes in and proceeds to chew him out. There should be a procedure in place for when the systems go down on the weekends, president says. There were five of us in on Saturday, and we couldn't get on the system. Did anyone try calling any of the IT staff at home? fish asks. No, roars president. You're supposed to know when its down!

Road Trip

User in a remote office 85 miles away calls IT tech, complaining that the tool bar on her Windows desktop is gone. The tech attempted to help her by phone, but nothing they tried would redisplay the tool bar, says a pilot fish on the scene. Upon arrival at her office, he found her monitor sporting a brand-new magnifier/antiglare screen. You guessed it: The magnifier is just a tad smaller than her monitor. The missing tool bar was found behind its lower frame. At least it was a nice day for a 170-mile drive.


IT operations pilot fish gets a message from a district manager who says one of the networked color security cameras is only showing images in black and white. I dial into that location and check out the problem camera, fish reports. Camera is in color and appears to be fine. I then recheck the e-mail. Sure enough, it was sent before 7 a.m.  well before the building is opened for business and the lights inside the warehouse where the camera is located are turned on.

Be Nice, Now

Software engineer is setting up laptops for a mobile health clinic and has to demonstrate them to the doctors who will use them. I mentioned that the password can be changed, fish says. During the presentation, one of the doctors interrupted to ask, Do we have to enter the password every time? I sighed and replied of course. Then the doctor went on: Perhaps we could write it down and affix it to the computer. I knew what he meant, but I bit my tongue and said, As long as you remove it before you actually do the clinics;  otherwise that would compromise our data security.

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