Shark Tank: Unclear on the Concept

This accountant is in charge of IT for his division at this bank, but he has no IT experience -- and sometimes it shows. "He announces at a business continuity planning meeting that instead of sending his bookkeepers to an off-site location to test the disaster recovery procedures, he wants them to remote into the PCs at the other site to complete their tests," sighs an IT manager pilot fish. "He says that it will make testing easier. My question: If that's how he wants to handle disaster recovery testing, why not just set up VPN connections in everyone's home? Wouldn't that make it easier for them than having to come to work each morning?"

Same Idea

Programmer complains to support pilot fish that his laptop won't shut down. Let me try, says fish, who presses the power button on the laptop's keyboard and holds it down for a few seconds -- and the laptop shuts down. Fish explains that it's supposed to work that way, to prevent an accidental button-push from wiping out hours of work. "OK," replies aggravated programmer, "but why doesn't my laptop shut down when I turn off the switch on the power strip?"

IT Spoken Here

Pilot fish gets an e-mail from his mother-in-law, who's trying to watch a basketball game online. "She got an error message about a problem with a plug-in," says fish. "In her e-mail, she explained that she had shut down the computer and re-plugged-in the mouse, keyboard, monitor, power and network cables three times. She knows she's plugging them into the right connectors because I color-coded everything on the back of the PC when they first got it. She was asking what she should do next."

Not So Easy

Newly hired IT tech pilot fish at an engineering company gets called to the boss's office -- he's having trouble connecting to the VPN with his laptop, and his Treo needs to be continuously updated, too. Much troubleshooting, experimenting and fixing later, everything seems to be working. Then the boss has one more request: "I need you to write out instructions on how to fix these kinds of problems if they come up again. I don't want to have to rely on you to fix it all the time." Sighs fish, "I told him I'd get right on it. Lucky for me, he's never asked for that document again."

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