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There is one big difference between the iPhone and its new challengers

Ryan Faas

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As much as I don't to spend a huge amount of my life this year thinking about the iPhone and comparing it to other advanced mobile phones, I can't seems to stop myself from reading the occasional comparison of the iPhone to other advanced designs recently unveiled at, or in advance of, 3GSM Expo. The iPhone has so far been compared directly to the LG Prada phone, the Samsung Ultra Smart F700, and the Neonode N2 (all of which offer a touch-screen navigation systems and a clean, slick look like the iPhone - as well as other similarities).

The interesting point that I feel compelled to comment on is often buried in the text of these comparisons: many such phones do not have any North American release date. They are strictly for market in Europe and/or Asia upon their initial release and some will not even be able to roam in the US or Canada. The iPhone is actually a rare example of such a cutting edge mobile phone being initially intended for a North American release first.

Aside from being unusual in the mobile market, it does mean that direct comparisons between these devices and the iPhone are largely theoretical because by the time the iPhone is available worldwide or by the time some of these "iPhone killers" reach North American consumers, consumers will likely see a different generation of devices.

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