Shark Tank: 'Why didn't you tell me?' 'Why didn't you ask?'

This company has customer-service people working 24 hours a day, so there's always an IT help desk staffer on call in case of a problem. That's why this pilot fish's pager goes off one Saturday morning.

"After discussing the issue with the user, I determined he was having a hardware problem with the mouse," fish says. "I racked my brain trying to think of a place where I could tell him to get a new one, but the computer storage area was under key code, which users don't have access to."

Finally fish resigns herself to a 30-minute drive in to swap out the mouse. As soon as she gets to the office, she swings by the computer storage area and grabs the first mouse she sees. Then she goes looking for the customer service guy with the problem.

His first comment when fish walks in: "Yeah, the mouse has been giving us troubles all week, but we could at least work with it. Today, though, it's not working at all."

Fish holds back the response that comes to mind, and goes to work installing the new mouse. But after a few minutes, it's clear this mouse is bad, too.

"I turned to inform him that I would be back, but I had to get another mouse to test it with," says fish.

"That's when he told me to wait for a moment and disappeared. He came back holding a mouse, and said that he had this spare hanging around. He plugged the new one in and had a working computer."

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