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Staff member at a county senior center calls this pilot fish, complaining that her printer won't work.

"I knew her well," says fish. "She called frequently, because computers just got in the way of doing her work. I talked with her about the common things -- verifying that the printer was plugged in and had paper, etc. I had her try to print and nothing came out.

"I asked if there were any error lights on the printer and she said no. I asked if it was powered on and she said yes. So I asked her to turn it off.

"She said, 'Now it has all these error lights on. Can I turn it on now?'

"I said, why don't we see what happens when we print with it turned off.

"So she tried, and it printed.

"I told her to just ignore the error lights and leave the printer off. She was going to retire in a few months anyway, so it was just easier this way for everyone."

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