Apple sets iPhone 6 special event September 9, claims Recode

Re/code reports Apple has scheduled a special event for September 9, and while the world waits for second line confirmation, a hubbub of expectation has already begun.


Big media event

"A few weeks from now we’ll get our first look at what he was talking about. Apple has scheduled a big media event for Tuesday, Sept. 9 — a date to which Apple numerologists will strain to attribute significance." Recode.

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Apple is expected to introduce new iPhones at the event, which will also likely mark the introduction of iOS 8. The new smartphones will be powered by a new and faster A8 processor and should be available in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes.

It is reasonable to imagine the phones will sell like hot cakes, judging from the relative flatness of smartphone sales in this year's annual pre-iPhone release slump. Apple has asked manufacturers to produce 70-80 million iPhone units by December 30..

Expectation surrounding the new releases is high. Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives from the firm have repeatedly promised one of the best product pipelines it has ever offered would make an appearance this year, but so far we've seen little evidence of this.

All in

There's a whole heap of technology advances packed into these new devices, rumor claims sapphire displays and an extension in the use of Touch ID. Apple's focus on HealthKit makes it possible the company will introduce its feature-packed iWatch. Designed as an accompanying product for the iPhone this is thought to be being made available in a range of designs with a hat tip to the company's recently recruited fashion executives.

One such executive is Angela Ahrendts, who has been touring Apple's retail stores internationally, ostensibly to meet and greet senior staff. Given her position at the top of Apple's tree it is not at all unlikely she has used these visits as a chance to quietly tip leaders off with news of what will be expected of them when Apple's new products ship.

September 9 has been a key event for Apple in the past, usually for music-related launches such as iPod and iTunes upgrades -- so this makes it possible (still) that Apple doesn't plan to introduce iPhone on that date. However, Walt Mossberg's Recode is a strong primary source so I'm preparing for the launch.

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