EMC unleashes VMAX3 and buys TwinStrata


No LOL: EMC CEO Joe Tucci.

Storage behemoth EMC (NYSE:EMC) has a bunch of announcements. New products, upgrades and an acquisition are the order of the day.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers round up the cloudy details.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Hihi, Loek Essers. U ons vertellen over het nieuws:

Storage vendor EMC has scooped up cloud storage management company TwinStrata...the developer of CloudArray, [which] allows enterprises to move their...data into [a] cloud.

EMC plans to embed CloudArray into its new VMAX3 enterprise data service platform [which] builds on its VMAX enterprise storage platform and aims to help IT departments regain control of a company's whole storage infrastructure...EMC said.  MORE


And Chris "twisting my" Mellor mans the firehose:

EMC's Information Infrastructure division – its core storage biz – has also announced new products for its flash, high-end enterprise storage and scale-out NAS lines.

The base pitch here is to add scale for cloud and big data and extend the hybrid cloud idea – linking cloud-style storage services on premises and in the public cloud. ... EMC claims this will enable its customers to hyperconsolidate enterprise applications. The high-end 400K has up to 384 processing cores, is flash-optimised and delivers more than "six nines" of availability.

[But] the announcement included a conspicuous absence of speeds and feeds. ... We were expecting VMware VVOL support information, but nothing has been said about it yet.  MORE


But Barb Darrow runs straight and true:

An EMC spokesman said the TwinStrata team will join EMC’s Enterprise and Mid-Range Systems division (EMSD). ... EMC also plans to move the Natick, Mass.-based TwinStrata personel to the EMC headquarters in Hopkinton, Mass.

This deal...echoes Microsoft’s acquisition of StorSimple, a Twinstrata competitor, in 2012 and shows how critical it is for legacy IT vendors to provide an easy and secure way to ensure that corporate data can transition to and from in-house storage closets to the customer’s cloud of choice. For Microsoft the appeal of StorSimple was to connect company data repositories to Azure.

Also new this week: upgrades to EMC’s Isilon’s OneFS distributed file system for scale-out storage. This is positioned as [letting] users reap benefits from huge repositories of data, regardless of the format it’s in or how it’s stored.  MORE


Meanwhile, Joseph F. Kovar resells the sizzle:

The result is a storage solution with the potential to be a very high-end hyper-converged infrastructure, said Jamie Shepard, regional [an SVP] at Lumenate, [an] EMC channel partner.

The tying of local on-premise storage to public clouds got its first real start with NetApp's move to add a direct connection between its Data Ontap operating system and Amazon Web Services, and the entire industry is looking to make similar moves, Shepard said.  MORE

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