Google offering $150 credits to make up for Chromebook data debacle

Some good news for owners of Google's LTE Chromebook Pixel: Following my report that data plans for the device were being disconnected prematurely, Google is stepping up to make things right.

Chromebook Pixel Verizon Data Plan

The LTE Chromebook Pixel was originally sold with a free two-year mobile broadband plan from Verizon -- 100MB per month, with the option to purchase more data on a pay-as-you-go basis as needed. But as I reported yesterday, Verizon stopped honoring the plans halfway through that two-year term. Customer support agents for the carrier have been telling Pixel owners they weren't aware of any two-year commitment, despite clear online documentation to the contrary.

Not surprisingly, the reneging rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. One law firm even started reaching out to LTE Pixel owners to investigate the possibility of legal wrongdoing after my report was published.

While Verizon has yet to change its stance, a Google spokesperson tells me the company will now offer $150 credits to all customers who purchased an LTE Pixel while the two-year data plan was still being offered.

"While this particular issue is outside of our control, we appreciate that this issue has inconvenienced some of our users," the Google spokesperson said.

The credits will come in the form of Visa gift cards that can be used for any expense, including (but not limited to) the purchase of mobile broadband access.

Google tells me anyone who has already contacted its Play Store support about the issue should receive information about the gift card offer soon. If you bought an LTE Pixel while the two-year data plan was being offered and haven't yet contacted Google, you can call the company's Play Store support center to initiate the process.

Verizon, meanwhile, says it's actively looking into the matter on its end as well.

"We understand that some Chromebook Pixel customers may have lost their promotional data, 100MB a month for two years, early," a spokesperson tells me. "We apologize for this and are working on a solution for those customers."

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I'll pass along any additional information as it becomes available.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Broken promises: Verizon, Google, and the Chromebook data debacle

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