Yet more iOS 8 secrets Apple isn't talking about

Apple didn't tell us all its iOS 8 plans at WWDC. Since the stage went dark, we've learned of other enhancements it's working on -- some highlights include:


Customize Control Center

Allegedly, iOS 8 can add and reorder the toggle switches in Control Center, yet another sign that Apple's listening to critics who appear to want more potential for customization of the iOS experience.

Customize everything

Apple may be quietly developing ways in which users can customize the user interface more than ever before, tweaking this with different fonts, text colours and highlights.

Private lives

Apple is trying to make a new deal for privacy. In this case, iOS 8 randomizes MAC addresses when scanning for Wi-Fi networks. The effect will be to stop retailers and location tracking firms from spying on iPhone users as they go about their day.

Split-screen view

Developers claim to have discovered the capacity for a split-screen view in iOS 8. That shouldn't be too surprising when you think about the new Mail feature which lets you work in other apps in split screen view. Apple showed it, it just didn't tell us everything about it.

Find your car

Apple is developing a Maps feature that will help users find their parked cars, a developer claims. This shouldn’t be too difficult -- I use dropped pins to find mine. It's a nice addition borrowed from Google Now (who probably borrowed it elsewhere).

Mass transit Maps

Industry watchers slammed Apple for failing to include improvements to Maps in its iOS 8 keynote, but they're missing the point -- Maps enhancements don't need to be introduced within an OS update, as much of the functionality can be upgraded on the fly, just like any other app. BGR recently informed us that Apple is also working on transit direction features for Maps.

New Apps

Apple may introduce new apps, including a standalone version of iTunes Radio, and some form of TextEdit and Preview, along with the capacity for third-party apps to access Siri. There will also be a Buy button situated on Control Center when listening to iTunes Radio

New keyboard

Yes, you'll be able to use alternate keyboards on your apps, but it seems existing apps that have not been updated will automatically be populated with Apple's new QuickType keyboard layout -- even if app developers fail to update their software.

Song ID

Apple's Song ID feature ties Shazam search into Siri. Early reports suggest use of this feature to be easier and faster than using the Shazam app.


Apple's Weather app won't use Yahoo for its meteorological information any more -- instead it will take data from the Weather Channel.


You'll be able to pop a photo into the Notes app; you'll also be able to hide images within the Photos app.


Deleted an image? You'll be able to recover it.


iOS 8 is currently in beta-testing. This means some features aren't complete, others won't make the cut and there's a chance additional enhancements aren’t yet baked into the available OS code. Despite these limitations, developers seem pretty happy with what they've seen so far.

One more thing…

Apple appears to be figuring out how to make its platform more open and customizable for customers while also becoming more integrated for developers. It is also using a security model in which it holds the key to such interoperability while maintaining customer security. The effect? iOS 8 is becoming rather more than a mobile OS.

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