Apple WWDC surprises, with bitter disappointment


Irony, thy name is Tim.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced loads of stuff in the WWDC keynote: iOS 8, OS/X 10.10, Yosemite, Swift, etc. As usual, commentators are pointing to all the 'innovations' that Apple has 'copied' from other platforms.

But this time, what's usually a dribble of criticism has become a torrent.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers duck and cover.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Jonny Evans summarizes the summary of the summary:

It's not about 'Made in Cupertino' any more: the new Apple is all about PARTNERSHIP. ... Apple today conceded it doesn't want to control every aspect of your experience -- it just wants to...make sure its platforms are platforms you can use. ... Apple is answering critics who call it "too controlling" by permitting users [to] work with the devices they choose.

A new programming language, Swift, sets Apple up for the next decade. [It's] almost as significant as the move to OS X. [It] promises a new renaissance of app development, and opens up all kinds of opportunities...within the Apple ecosystem. Developers at WWDC are incredibly excited.

No hardware in the WWDC keynote today, but it doesn't matter. ... Android is toast.  MORE


But Preston Gralla grumpily disagrees:

As has been usual in recent years, Apple's announcements were not particularly ground-breaking. ... Microsoft has got the mojo these days...Apple is looking old and stale.

[In] what was announced...there's certainly nothing earth-shattering. ... Without Steve Jobs, Apple is turning into just another technology company. If you want...startling moves...look to Microsoft. Since Satya Nadella took over...there's been more dramatic change...than there has been at the company for years.

Right now, Microsoft's got the mojo, and Apple doesn't.  MORE


And Brad Linder has déjà vu:

This fall Apple plans to launch what it calls the biggest update to iOS since the introduction of the App Store. ... But some of the fancy new features in iOS 8? They don’t look so new to Android users.

iOS 8...will let you respond to certain types of notifications without actually opening up an app. Just pull view the Notification Center may be able to tap a button to reply... leaving the Notification Center...a feature that’s been available to Android app developers for some time.

The official Google Keyboard for Android has had predictions built-in for a while. ... Apple will let app developers give their users a chance to beta test new apps. ... Apple calls this “TestFlight,” but Google simply calls it beta testing. ... Now third-party developers can create widgets. ... Say “Hey, Siri.” It’s kind of like “OK, Google.” ... Apple is also adding support for extensions, which basically lets apps share data [like] Android apps have...for ages.  MORE


So njnnja swiftly predicts this prediction:

I am certain that before the year is over we will see many job postings requiring 3 years experience with Swift.  MORE


And ugen waves goodbye to cross-platform development:

We hardly knew ye. First Windows, and now OSX. ... It's getting harder every year and, by the looks of it, will be impossible soon. Which means that...a smaller shop would have to choose one big player/OS vendor and stick with it. That increases risk and makes small players that much less viable (while, of course, helping the big ones consolidate user base and profit).

Funny how the world works.  MORE


Meanwhile, This pseudonymous commentator is sick and tired:

Apple's greatest secret is the con game they have been playing on the consumer and the lapdog tech bloggers.  MORE

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