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Android Wear Voice Commands

Voice commands are the easiest way to interact with Android Wear watches -- but it's all too easy to forget just how versatile those commands can be.

Since Wear revolves around Google Now and the same voice search system we've come to know and love on Android, many of the commands that work on your phone will also work when spoken into your wrist. And their results will be optimized for the smartwatch form.

Here's a quick refresher on some of the types of things you can say to make Wear work for you. Note that some of these commands will return results only when you have the corresponding info stored in your Gmail account (it should be pretty obvious when that'll be the case).

Okay, Google...

Android Wear Voice Commands

1. "When's my next appointment?"

2. "What's on my agenda for tomorrow?"

3. "When is my next haircut?"

4. "What is my flight status?"

5. "Is United 680 on time?" (or simply: "United 680")

6. "Where's my hotel?"

Android Wear Voice Commands

7. "Show me my reservations"

8. "Where's a museum around here?"

9. "When does Best Buy close?"

10. "How long will it take me to drive to Panera?"

11. "How far is Jason's Deli?"

12. "Is there a Brookstone in LAX?"

Android Wear Voice Commands

13. "When is the next Cardinals game?"

14. "What was the score of the Athletics game last night?"

15. "What's Google stock trading at today?"

16. "What time is it in Boston?"

17. "What time zone is Pensacola in?"

18. "What is area code 626?"

19. "What is Kansas City's area code?"

Android Wear Voice Commands

20. "What's the weather in Houston?"

21. "When is the sunset tonight?"

22. "When does daylight savings begin?"

23. "When is Father's Day?"

24. "How old is Mila Kunis?"

25. "How long is 22 Jump Street?"

26. "Who directed Dawn of the Planet of the Apes?"

Android Wear Voice Commands

27. "How did Jim Morrison die?"

28. "Who's the governor of Indiana?"

29. "What's the state flower of California?"

30. "What's the population of Paducah, Kentucky?"

31. "Who wrote Divergent?"

32. "Who sings 'Rump Shaker'?"

Android Wear Voice Commands

33. "When was the last episode of Seinfeld?"

34. "What's 15 percent of 40.12?"

35. "What's 8 inches in centimeters?"

36. "What's 20 U.S. dollars in Euros?"

37. "How many calories are in a sweet potato?"

38. "How do you say 'sweet potato' in Spanish?"

39. "What's the definition of 'fingerling'?"

40. "Where am I?"

So there you have it: 40 handy voice commands to try with Android Wear. These are all just examples of the types of commands that'll work, of course -- a menu of possibilities to keep in mind and modify to fit your needs.

And don't forget all of Wear's basic built-in actions as well. You can always find a full list of those by tapping your watch's display and then scrolling downward.

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In case you're ever really bored, I'll leave you with one bonus command -- one whose sole purpose, best I can tell, is to make you look like a complete and utter ass:

"Okay, Google. What time is it?"

Yup. It really does work.

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