The next patent fight 'twixt Apple and Samsung: Graphene


Invisible wonder-material is next IP battleground.

Apple and Samsung may be squaring up for another patent fight. Or so the news agenda would have you believe. Our two favorite protagonists are amassing patents about graphene in sheet form.

Ain't the future brilliant?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers rub their crystal balls.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Here's Jungah Lee, reporting from Seoul:

The main battleground between Samsung...and moving from courtrooms to the laboratory, amid a race for patents on atom-thick technology.

Graphene is...a transparent material that conducts electricity so it can be stretched across glass make them into touch screens. ... It’s ideal for futuristic gadgets like bendable smartwatches or tablets that fold up. ... Samsung, which this month lost a $120 million verdict to Apple, looks like the early leader in the race for intellectual property rights.

Graphene can be used in all three product categories where...Samsung holds the largest global market share: smartphones, memory chips and TVs. ... Graphene’s ability to conduct electricity about 100 times faster than silicon makes it valuable in other ways too.  MORE


While others zig, Ben Zigterman zags:

Graphene is stronger than diamond, more conductive than copper, more flexible than rubber can barely see it.

Samsung...appears to have the most graphene-related patents, with 405 total and 38 in the U.S. Apple has at least two. IBM and Foxconn also have graphene-related patents.  MORE


But Kelly Hodgkins hedges her bets:

Graphene may be the wonder material of the future. [It] could initiate a new wave of innovation in hardware design and manufacturing. ... It also may become the next battlefield for Apple and Samsung.

The arrangement of the carbon molecules makes the material strong...flexible, conductive and so transparent. ... Apple has been silent on its own research into the use of graphene...unlike Samsung, Apple's own publicly available patents and applications addressing graphene are scant.  MORE


Surely there's more to graphene than bendy touchscreens? Let's have something more hyperbolic, please. Katherine Noyes obliges:

It is an innovation with the potential to change the world.

Aviation components, broadband photodetectors, radiation-resistant coatings, sensors, and energy storage are among numerous other areas of active research. ... The ultimate application is graphene-based transistors, the building blocks of modern electronics. ... Looking a little further out, graphene can be employed in membranes used for water desalination.

The possibilities that graphene holds for the nearly $2 trillion global electronics industry are difficult to ignore.  MORE

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