10 insanely great iPhone gadgets

One thing Apple's always been pretty good at is creating an ecosystem that supports smart accessories from third party manufacturers. I've assembled ten insanely great solutions for your entertainment this Memorial Day.  



The Kickstarter-funded MicrobeScope turns your iPhone into a powerful sub 1 micron microscope. Just pop the specimen onto the inverted lens and take a really close look at it using the 800x magnification it brings. Oh, and you can shoot and narrate video of what you see.


MobiSlyder, $95

Boost your chances of creating a viral YouTube hit with Gidetrack's mobislyder, a compact ultraportable camera slider that should help you get great HD movement shots. It's not just for iPhones, it works with cameras, camcorders and other smartphones.


Hangout iPhone multitool case, $29

It's a rugged iPhone case that's also a flameless lighter and bottle opener. Equipped with a screw mount for threading to tripods and camera mounts and a safety lock. All it needs is a screwdriver and a tool to take stones from horse's hooves…


Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPhone, $99

I'm convinced mobile devices will integrate technologies like this one day, but for no there's the Cube Laser keyboard. Pair the device with your iPhone/iPad/Mac and you have a keyboard you can easily carry in your pocket. Oh, and it's also a mouse.


Kolibree, $99

This connected toothbrush works with your iPhone to monitor how well you look after your teeth, tipping you off if you aren't doing enough to keep your pearly white white. It analyzes your routine and makes recommendations to improve it. It's also cheaper than remedial dentistry.


PhotoProX, $149

I always like to carry the Optrix PhotoProX photography system with my iPhone 5S when I'm taking a walk in the country. In brief, this is a waterproof case which lets you add Macro, Fisheye, Telephotox2 and Low Profile lenses to your phone to help you take better photos. It makes taking nicer pictures a breeze!


Koubachi $129

A Wi-Fi sensor for your plants lets your plants tell you when they're happy, sad or need a little water. Available in Apple stores there's even a Plant Finder app to help you identify your plants and maximize your care for them.


iRetrofone c.$300

It might just be me but I do like these retro iPhone stands. Plug your iPhone into the slot and you can chat away using the handset -- there's even an iRetrofone app to give you a retro dialler to match.


Dot, $49

Shoot 360-degree video from your iPhone! Just snap it on, install the free Looker app and press record to get a 360-degree movie you can share instantly using social networks. Kind of cool, right?


Monkey Kit, $70

Another Kickstarter-funded gadget, aimed at the iPad but evidently flexible. What is it? It's kind of a dome that connects to your device and is attached to a firm but flexible tail which you can put into shapes to use in lots of situations -- reading in bed or playing with exercise kit.

UPDATE: Since writing this the people behind Monkey Kit have let me know they have a new Kickstarter funding appeal for an even better version of this, which seems to be capable of holding your tablet in your preferred position for almost any use, in any situation. Something like that -- take a look.

I hope you've enjoyed this short collection -- seen anything else you've liked? Let me know in comments below...

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