The freedom of the cloud

I recently attended the Cloud Computing East 2014 conference put on by the DCIA and the CCA in Washington DC, and as usual, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the speakers at these cloud events. The information imparted was on par and sometimes surpassed what I have seen in much larger and much more expensive events. Kudo’s to the DCIA and CCA in sponsoring such an informative conference!


If your life is crazy like mine, then when you are away from your office for a few days, your emails and voice mails probably have a tendency to pile up. When I returned, I began my usual process of sorting through all my messages to see if I missed anything important. As I was separating the internal stuff from all the vendor inquires, I began to notice a common thread. All the messages I received from the vendor community were trying to sell me their services or solutions. All the vendors were competing with each other to offer their solutions as the best way to solve a particular IT problem.

As an example, there was a call from a technology firm asking me if I was interested in purchasing a solution to reduce the power requirements in our data center. There was another informing me of the unique advantages their solutions could provide in managing our virtual server environment. Yet another informed me that they would be able to make our applications go faster by using their disk technology. Going through all these calls and messages made me realize the actual tangible freedom that cloud computing has to offer.

I very politely informed each of these vendors that I was sure their products were great, but we no longer required any of their products or services as our entire technology infrastructure is now either in the cloud or provided by cloud-based applications. Each one of the vendors I spoke with seemed a bit disoriented as they realized the solutions they were trying to sell me were no longer relevant to my situation. I also began to realize that if you are a vendor, and your solutions are not embracing the cloud, you may soon find yourself trying to sell stagecoach wheels in a Ferrari world.

The cool thing about technology is it NEVER becomes boring, as change is constant, so you better keep up! 

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