An IT worker writes: 'Emotionally, we are broken'

Training your replacement must be an awful experience. It’s bad enough to lose a job. It’s an entirely different thing when you believe that U.S. government H-1B policies are assisting in the transfer of your job overseas.

Training your replacement must take enormous inner reserve. 

There’s an IT professional who, at this moment, is training offshore replacements, the people who are taking over the work. This IT pro is also a good writer, and has penned a short explanation about what life is now like.

The name, employer, and everything else will remain anonymous.

The IT worker writes:

“As Americans, we maintain our pride and dignity as we are forced to train our H-1B replacements. We struggle with the reality of having no jobs, but yet we train our replacements without prejudice and hold our heads up high because we are ingrained with a work ethic to do our very best.

We use clichés such as ‘when one door closes, another one opens’ or ‘out of bad something good will happen.’ But the future is uncertain. Emotionally, we are broken. A lot of us suffer from anxiety. Some of us are taking medications for our nerves. But we persist. We go to work every day. We train unskilled H-1B workers day after day. We look to the future, but what does it hold for us?

Does anyone even care anymore? Our elected officials look the other way. There is sympathy and empathy from Americans, but we are lost as to what to do.

How do I get the message out there? I am an American. I am one of you and I have a soul and feelings but I'm helpless if no one hears my message.”


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