Thanks for the help, boss!

Sysadmin pilot fish has been with this company since the beginning -- in fact, he was the only employee working for the IT director for the first year in business.

"During that first year we went public, and I set up a whole new network infrastructure and VMWare clusters, everything nice and new, pretty much unlimited budget -- great place to work," says fish.

"I'm also a nut about documentation, because good docs make it easier for everyone. I love sharing information!"

It all keeps fish plenty busy, and in time fish's boss hires another sysadmin to -- in his words -- "give you some help."

New guy is a career changer, with about five years' experience working the help desk for a big server vendor. But he's willing to learn, so boss gives him his first project: implementing a VoIP system. Fish's role will be to handle the network work and serve as the new guy's backup for managing the system.

The new guy goes to training on VoIP. Then he gets more training.

Then he hires a contract company to come in and install the VoIP system, which it turns out the boss is OK with. And the new guy gets even more training from the contract company guys.

Result: The VoIP system is now up and running. And there's just one problem.

"I am supposed to back the new guy up on system," fish says. "But he won't share any information or documentation on the system. Boss refuses to let me get training, and yet he chews me out when I can't do anything with the new system, which is pretty complex.

"And when I ask the boss for help, he tells me to ask the new guy!"

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