7 ways to turn an Apple iPhone 5S into a Samsung Galaxy S5

The similarities between the flagship iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 smartphones from Apple and Samsung are legion -- if you are an iPhone user and want Galaxy-like features on your phone, try these simple tips:

7 ways to turn an Apple iPhone 5S into a Samsung Galaxy S5

Buy Early

One way to get a smartphone that's like the next high-end Galaxy smartphone is to purchase an iPhone when it ships. If you had acquired an iPhone 5S, you'd already have a fingerprint reader.

Tidy interface

Samsung's admitted the user interface on the Galaxy S4 isn't great, which is why it dumped some of the annoying Android customizations that cluttered it before.

Build quality

If you want Galaxy-like build quality, don't fret: iPhone 5S has you covered -- they both have displays that will shatter if you drop them -- so don’t drop them!

Power saving mode

Samsung drew interest at Mobile World Congress with its battery saving mode. Fortunately the iPhone offers many ways to help extend battery life at the loss of functionality.

Lovable luggable

If you love the 145g, 8.1mm thick dimensions of the Galaxy S5, you're a little stuck with an iPhone 5S, which weights just 112g and is a miserly 7.6mm thick. To make up for this pop your iPhone in a case, which should also help keep your device dustproof and "water resistant" within similar dimensions.

The display

Samsung's latest phone ships with a 5.1-inch full HD Super AMOLED display delivering 1,920-x-1,080 pixels in comparison to the iPhone's 4-inch multi-touch display offering 1,136-x-640. There's no way round this -- you can't get this on iPhone.

Software upgrades

Samsung's latest phone ships with Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the latest edition of the OS, but you can't be certain when it will receive future OS upgrades --the Galaxy S4 is only now being updated to current Android. If you need this kind of functionality from your iPhone, then avoid installing any future iOS updates, taking special care to avoid any security updates in order to replicate the Android experience.


iPhone users still have time to find other ways to turn their devices into a Galaxy S5, which won't be available until April. Apple is likely to set the bar higher when it ships its next edition iPhone five months later. Samsung has sold 200 million Galaxy S phones since 2010; Apple has sold 410 million iPhones in that time.

The reviews

Many reviewers have chosen to compare Apple's iPhone with Samsung's latest announced but not yet available product. Here's what they think this morning:

"If you’re an Apple devotee that swears by the iPhone 5s’ design and feature set, the Galaxy S5 isn’t likely to sway you. However, with a sharper screen, better camera and more dynamic fingerprint reader, the Galaxy S5 trumps Apple’s flagship in several technical categories." Laptop

"The days are over when Apple was far ahead of other smartphone makers, but it remains at the top of the tree when it comes to making high-class phones." Macworld UK

"The iPhone is still the premium option and we wait to see what Apple does with an iPhone 6 launch no doubt coming this year." NY Post

"Samsung may not have completely redesigned its phone or completely overhauled the user interface, but it can’t be argued that the Galaxy S5 is a welcome departure from the chaotic and confusing experience offered by previous iterations." ITProPortal

"The S5 strengthens Samsung's position at the high end of the smartphone market, but the S5 is not an iPhone killer and Apple can breathe a little easier for now," Neil Mawston, Strategy Analytics.

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