What is Apple working on?

Pushing back against continued pressure on the company stock price, Apple's Tim Cook's becoming ever more insistent in claiming Cupertino's working on exciting new products, so what are they?

What is Apple working on?

What Cook actually said to The Wall Street Journal: "There will be new categories. We're not ready to talk about it, but we're working on some really great stuff."

New categories?


The health-conscious iWatch appears to be Apple's biggest product with the company hiring in a range of talent as it works to create a device that will actually be useful to people. It will be nice to carry a well-designed iPhone companion, and the health analysis and monitoring functions could be pretty neat, but will the iWatch play Flappy Birds?

Apple TV

With Sony moving to lose its television manufacturing business it's open to question just how much of an industry there is left in producing new televisions. It now seems increasingly likely Apple intends introducing a set-top box that adds its own software and services alongside those supplied by your cable provider, all through a tasty Apple interface.

The iPen

Products like LiveScribe show the time is right for digital pens. In brief these systems will allow you to write notes on paper in the conventional way, while also inputting those notes digitally using an app on your device, with useful features such as time stamps and voice recording. Recent Apple patents suggest the company is looking at something like this.

Mobile Payments

Apple's iPhone 5S carries a fingerprint sensor and while that's only used to launch your phone at present it's a pretty good way for Apple to trial the tech. It seems clear the company can tie this up with the credit card storage of iCloud Keychain, iBeacon and iTunes payments to deliver its own biometrically secure mobile payment systems. Indeed, this has already taken place within iTunes (reader addition below). Recent rumors lend substance to such speculation.

Wireless/Solar charging

Market rumors suggest Apple's working on wireless and solar charging for its products, principally the iWatch -- but does it not also make sense to introduce such technology in its other mobile products and wireless accessories? The company (which features environmentalist, Al Gore on the board) has been working towards this for years.

Content delivery

I've repeatedly talked about Apple's emerging 4K plans. It seems likely these plans will involve offering future 4K movie services through iTunes. That's also going to mean the company shifting a lot of data. I don't know if you've followed the net neutrality debate, but Apple's moves to buy huge amount of bandwidth from network providers should mean iTunes movie services will get the bandwidth they need.

Incremental upgrades

Apple's iPad, Macs, and iPhone are the company's bread and butter and you can expect improvements across this range during the year. We already know the company is about to commence production of new sapphire displays for iPhones, which should put paid to the dreaded cracked display problem. Don't underestimate Apple's work on new 64-bit iDevice processors -- the gap between mobile devices and PCs will continue to shrink.


Apple is seriously committed to ensuring your iPhone becomes the only camera you ever need for still or video photography. The company made this clear within its most recent ad, filmed entirely on iPhones; it's also made clear within the recent Burberry fashion shoot. There's an existing market for add-on lenses to improve your iPhone camera, but Apple thinks it can do a better job.

An Android iPhone

No, Steve Wozniak, that's not going to happen.

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