Not saying you should lie, just saying...yeah, lie

Irate manager calls this IT pilot fish because her PC isn't accepting her new password, just hours after she changed it.

"Her password was fairly standard, using a number, a word and two uppercase symbols," says fish. "I suggested that perhaps she had made a typo and we should reset her password. The manager became quite indignant and informed me that she was positive she had written the password down correctly, and demanded that I come check her computer out."

Fish hangs up the phone and is trying to figure out the best course of action when one of his co-workers, a senior analyst who's been dealing with users for a very long time, asks fish what's going on.

Fish explains the situation and the likely source of the problem. Analyst promptly pulls up the manager's account, resets it to a very simple password, grabs a keyboard and tells fish, "Follow me!"

They walk into the manager's office and, without skipping a beat, the analyst tells her that fish has escalated her problem to him. Then he explains that he has checked her system remotely and found that the keyboard is randomly switching between uppercase and lowercase, and he's positive that's what has hosed her password.

Analyst shuts down the manager's PC, switches the keyboard, then instructs her to log in with the very simple password and then change it to the password she chose earlier.

And this time, it all works and the manager is happy.

"I was dumbfounded at how smoothly the whole thing went without fingers being pointed," fish says. "Just a simple keyboard switch defused the situation without any fuss.

"I bought him lunch, as I figured what I learned that day was well worth the $10 special."

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