PS4 BLOD: Fixing Sony's PlayStation 4 Blue Light Of Death 'sabotage' FAIL


Oh, the irony! Pulsing blue light on your Sony PS4? You're SOL.

Remember the XBox 360 RROD? Not to be outdone, Sony (NYSE:SNE) (TYO:6758) brings us the blue light of death. A surprising number of its new consoles seem to be failing as soon as they're unboxed—or not long after. Amid allegations of sabotage at a Chinese factory, Sony is stopping sales in some channels.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers console themselves. [You're fired -Ed.]

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Shaun Nichols wishes to register a complaint: ['Ello, Miss? -Ed.]

Sony' forums are littered with threads, some more than a dozen pages long, devoted to...hardware glitches that caused systems to reset and display a blinking blue light. Additionally...issues with the console's physical HDMI connection.


Early hardware failures in consoles are nothing new as users who line up to be the first...are often also left to sort and manufacturing flaws.  MORE


But Sony's Satoshi Fukuoka is all, like, Go-shinsetsu domo arigato gosaimasu:

We think these are isolated incidents and represent a very small percentage of total units shipped to consumers to date.  MORE


One Ken Gagne was one of the lucky ones:

I...plunk[ed] down the $399 MSRP for today's launch. In this video, I unbox the PS4, walk through the installation, and figure out just it can do.


If you can't find a PlayStation 4 today, you may be out of luck this holiday season.  MORE


But Benjamin F. Burris III? Er, not so much:

System instantly went to Blue pulsing upon hitting power. Manage to get the system into safe mode, it did some kind of system check, then booted fine...asked for update. Downloaded update, system restarted, hasn't worked since. Blue pulsing light all the way. ... I called Sony Tech Support waited for 50 minutes. ... I don't have that kind of time to waste. ... Extremely disappointed in Sony.


Do not jiggle the HDMI port. Do not jiggle the system. If you get the Blue Pulse unplug the system and let it sit for 40 minutes. Then try to get into Safe Mode...and Select Option No 6.


After 50 minutes system turned itself off. Faulty unit. Waited on the phone for another hour for a new Rep [who will] get another sent to me through Sony. ... Looks like around 11/22 I'll have a PS4 that works.  MORE


Josh Boykin's got game:

Sony’s Playstation 4 has gathered a particularly bad cloud of press on With almost 40% one-star user-submitted reviews [because of] dead-on-arrival systems that flash a new “Blue Light of Death.” ... Sony has requested that Amazon cease selling the unit until the problem is addressed.


So much for all those folks hoping to jump in and sell...for a quick buck on the website. Many people are still selling their systems on EBay, though likely not for the premium price they hoped for...many auctions are ending the $450-$500 range.


Remember that [the] pissed-off users are more likely to get up and leave reviews than people too busy playing their systems.  MORE


And Steven Parker brings this astounding allegation:

These claims cannot be verified: ... Interns at a Foxconn manufacturing plant...have deliberately sabotaged the PS4 citing working conditions.


The intern noted that because Foxconn didn’t treat them well, they didn’t treat the PS4 well...which may explain the pulsing blue light issues...mainly on Amazon shipments where about 33% of the total verified reviewers have reported the issue.  MORE


Meanwhile, Ed Schernau offers this historic suggestion to fix a BLOD:

It's easy, take the cartridge out, blow on the contacts, wave it around if it feels hot, then put it back in.  MORE

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