12 great Christmas gifts for Apple's iPad, iPhone

"'Tis the season," apparently, so I've assembled a dozen great gifts for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. To make this collection a little more interesting I've tried to select a few items you may never have seen before.

12greatt Christmas gifts for iPad, iPhone

More storage

Want 32GB extra storage on your iPhone? Or want to stream a few movies in-flight? Enter the handy SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive. A little bulkier than a standard flash drive it links up to a companion app on your iDevice across WiFi for file storage. You can share it: it supports 8 simultaneous device connections, and three media streams. Access it using WiFi on your iPhone. And of course it also works with other platforms and systems. ($59.99)

Music matters

iRig PRO is a fantastic gift for an iPhone or iPad-wielding musician. It's an all-in-one MIDI interface that lets you connect a guitar or almost any other electronic instrument to iRig PRO your mobile device. Which means musicians can compose new songs wherever they happen to be, particularly now you get GarageBand for free with every phone. ($149)

Olloclip iPhone Lens

The iPhone 5S has a much better camera, but you can take it to a new dimension with an OlloClip lens. The $69 3-in-1 lens system includes wide-angle, fish eye and macro lenses, while the $99 telephoto lens doubles the effective range of the iPhone camera.

Design Crazy

There's been a plethora of Steve Jobs-related titles, but I particularly enjoyed 'Design Crazy' by Max Chafkin. The book consists of a series of interesting insider accounts of key Apple moments coming from people responsible for them. It's a good read and while it's only available as an eBook for your device, it makes  an excellent (and interesting) virtual stocking filler. (c$0.99).


Elgato Smart Key

The new to market Elgato Smart Key uses Bluetooth LE to help you find your keys, baggage and car the easy way. Attach the device to the item you wish to retrieve and it will work in conjunction with an app on your iPhone to help you find the item concerned on its map. ($40).


FabricSkin Keyboard Folio

I like Logitech's iPad keyboard because it has nice smooth-acting keys (relative to others I've tried). Thin and light the keyboard is housed in a fabric chassis with full-size keys and iOS shortcuts for copy, paste, undo. ($149.99)

Fitness first

A Nike+ Fuel Band makes a great gift to show you care. It syncs over Bluetooth with your iPhone to send activity data to the companion app on the smartphone. Given the good relationship between Nike and Apple (Apple CEO, Tim Cook is on the Nike board), you can expect some interesting additions to what the app can do as Nike works with Apple's new M7 processor inside the phone. ($99)


For around $99 you can make almost any iPhone user happy with a Mophie and its winning combination of good device protection (it's a case) with a built-in battery that should double battery life: the Mophie juice pack PRO promises 150 percent more battery life than you'll get on a single iPhone charge. (c.$99).


Take notes

Livescribe 3 is such an intelligent device. The digital pen syncs with your Apple device via Bluetooth -- once it is linked every word you write will automatically be synced to the digital document in your Livescribe notebook. This should be incredibly helpful to anyone taking notes: students, business types, writers. ($149).


People who travel should take a look at Speechtrans, an incredibly advanced translation app that's capable of converting what you say into one of 41 languages, or translating what's said back to you in your own. I use it a lot when I travel, particularly when negotiating cab fares and hotel checkouts.  ($4.99)

12 great Apple iPhone, iPad Christmas gifts

Take flight

Griffin Technology makes the HELO TC Assault, an iOS-controlled flying helicopter that's also capable of firing small missiles if you want to engage in air-to-air or air-to-ground combat. Fun. ($59.99)

Drive by

Shown for the first time at WWDC this year, Anki's iOS-controlled AI racing game is available now. Pop your cars on the race track and send them off on a fast-paced head to head race -- you control the gas and the guns, but the cars control their own steering. Did I mention guns? Yes, that's right, you can shoot at other racers to give the game a little extra spice. ($199)


One more thing: Cocktail party

Celebrations can't get much better than schlepping back with beautifully prepared cocktails on a winter's night -- that's something most of the family should enjoy. Perfect Drink is an app-controlled smart bartender. The smart scales weigh ingredients as you add them so you need never get it wrong and if you do the system will tell you what to do to fix your drink. Just dial up a recipe, follow the instructions, take a drink and pour another. The system can even make suggestions based on what you have left in the drinks cabinet. ($69.99)

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