My Yeti is missing!

This public library has to record all board meetings, and that's the job of the library director's secretary. But the technology she's supposed to use is, well, problematic, admits an IT pilot fish on the scene.

"We have an elaborate, expensive recording system in the meeting room that does not work well and is a pain to set up, so she asked for something easier," fish says.

"What we did was provide her a laptop with Audacity recording software installed, and purchased a big Yeti USB microphone."

Fish works with the secretary until she knows how to use the setup, and it works fine for recording the meetings. But once every few months she forgets something and she has to call fish to resolve it.

Thus it is that fish gets a frantic support call: "My Yeti is missing -- please come and fix him."

Fish arrives at the secretary's desk. The Yeti microphone is indeed there and not missing. He asks the secretary to set up the equipment the way she had it for the meeting.

She proceeds to plug the USB microphone cable into the network port.

Why are you doing that? fish asks.

"She said she could plug the Yeti into any port and it would work," reports fish. "Now remember, she has been using this setup for over a year at this point and has never plugged it into any port other than a USB.

"I had a hard time explaining the difference between the ports -- it was like I was talking to glass.

"But I think she finally got it when I used permanent marker to label the ports 'Network,' 'YETI' and 'USB.'"

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